Vision Document

To establish a Hindu Rashtra guided by percepts of Sanatana Dharma, casting off the yoke of 800 years of slavery and colonization, the brave Sons and Daughters of Bharatvarsha have formed this party to attain our civilisational values while bringing about social, economic and political changes in contemporary India.

It’s our resolution that party must be different from all the other political parties such that it brings forth staunch and fervent nationalism in people, that borders of country are secure and fortifed, our occupied sovereign land is reclaimed, and international relations are maintained and sustained by value of a dignifed coexistence on geopolitical stage.

  1. Today’s youth want a reform in education system that enables them to attain their deserved and desired socio-economic status through employment-oriented training and critical learning. Current taxation system needs a fundamental overhaul so that the common man leads a dignifed life without bearing the brunt of taxes, and the tax-revenue is utilised sustainably.

  2. Party also believes in imminent need of green revolution, where farmers get free electricity, water, fertilizers, with provisions for medical care and residential property.

  3. It’s our conviction that workers and labours of any economic sector should not be exploited and that they are privileged to appropriate wages and old-age pensions, with job and social security. We will fight to ensure that every citizen gets right to lead a respectable life.

  4. The country’s majority hindu population desires restoration of our cultural heritage. It’s our collective goal to reinstate our civilisational values, and to restore and rebuild the temples, mathas, and other places of religious signifcance that have been destroyed or damaged since 1992.

  5. Party is of opinion that the majority Hindu community has been treated unfairly and kept deprived of justice. A lot many laws are detrimental to Hindus and it’s our priority that all such laws are abolished.

  6. Until a new constitution is formed for foundation of Hindu Rashtra, we must strive to get justice for people under the present constitution. We shall endeavour to terminate all the advantages extended to religious minorities via unconstitutional means. To this end, we shall take necessary steps to ensure abolition of Article 30, Waqf act, Waqf council, Ministry of minority affairs, and places of worship act 1991. To liberate Mathura, Kashi, and Bhojshala temples, in a manner akin to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Ayodhya remains our primary aim.

  7. Party feels that, in accordance to spirit of constitution, religious minorities are not eligible for benefts of reservations. Thus religious minorities must be excluded from reserved category list, and in their lieu, quota must be given to SC/ST communities.

  8. Judiciary is hobbled, and poor, ordinary person, without clout or privilege, remains bereft of justice. Thus we believe that appointment of judges and public prosecutors, and revisions in Judicial system needs to be conducted in an unbiased manner so that everyone gets fair justice.

We invite you to join us and participate in the great bloodless revolution that calls for social, economical and political justice. Let’s conjoin our efforts to make politico- judicial framework more socially and people oriented so that great civilisational state of Akhand Bharat, a happy, considerate, righteous, prosperous and intellectual Bharat, governed by dharma and guided by karma, may be established in accordance to criteria of Modern India, a place where Gau, Ganga and Geeta are venerated and glorious traditions of Sanatana civilization march on, unimpaired and unabated. .

Ranjana Agnihotri
Founder President
Hari Sankar Jain
National President
Jitendra Singh “Visen”
Secretary & National Convener
Sunil Kumar Lal
National Co-Convener